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TransitExec? dispatch scheduling software

In this case, in order to establish an effective electronic records the movement of goods and money, the business owner will have to use fairly sophisticated software). Because each company in the chain can act both as a provider and as a consumer, accounting software must be configured to maintain such records. The requests on the basis of which will be transported, should also be bilateral.

Let's try to formulate the basic requirements FOR the TransitExec? dispatch scheduling software http://transitexec.com used in conventional transport company.

1. Reference. In such references should contain the following information:

counterparties (each contractor must have two characteristics: as a service provider and their customer);
background information on all drivers (it should take into account the fact that the same driver can provide services, operating as part of the different legal entities);
background information on the cars (different cars can be controlled by one driver, that is, in the guide should be a reference to one driver multiple cars).

2. Documents. The basic document for the carriage serves as the application. In most cases, the application has the form of a Treaty, as the car might need in the moment when the contract with the company is concluded.
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