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Corporate Catering in Milwaukee

Corporate Catering... because it's your affair
Corporate Catering in Milwaukee is a full scale food service concept specializing in the unique. We are able to create and cater to your specific tastes. Along with our signature dishes, we can prepare anything you crave from a simple, fresh dinner for two, to an elegant, white linen event for hundreds. We are committed to going above and beyond your expectations. If you have a particular dish or recipe you desire or are looking for something distinctively different, our team of experts can create it. Anything in your imagination is possible.

For that special event at a unique location of your choice, let Custom Catering attend to your every need. Whether it is a cocktail party with intimate plated dinners or a lavish buffet, our customized menus feature the freshest seasonal foods available. From your backyard to the local catering venue or a romantic vineyard on the North Fork, from the beach to the BBQ, let us make your event memorable.

We will happily transform your residence, office or other private setting into an event that perfectly fits your vision to make your celebration complete. For food and beverage, service staff, rentals, decorations and more, Custom Catering will design a one of a kind event with all of the special touches guaranteed to create a lasting memory.

Because it's your affair,
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