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Cacti and Succulents Native to New Mexico

Artemisia tridentata spec. nova (Blacksage)
A shorter variety of the above found natively in Sandia foothills and west in Jemez foothills. More drought tolerant than big sage but not as showy. A good reclamation succulent https://cactuso.com for north and east slopes.
Atriplex argentea (Silverscale saltbush)
Low growing evergreen shrub, two by three feet, silvery rounding leaves. Any soil type, full sun, drought tolerant. Good erosion control plant.
Atriplex canescens (Fourwing saltbush)
Densely branched semi-evergreen shrub (2-6 feet x 4-6 feet) with gray-green narrow leaves. Makes an excellent hedge or barrier in native area because of density and tendency to sucker. Has masses of yellowish seeds in fall which stay on in winter and attract small birds. Full sun, drought tolerant, any soil.
Atriplex confertifolia (Shadscale)
Spiny shrub one to three feet by two feet with round gray green leaves. Female bushes have green to pinkish seed heads in the fall. Grows in heavier alkaline soils, full sun, very drought tolerant.
Atriplex polycarpa (Narrowleaf saltbrush)
This plant differs from four wing saltbrush in having smaller narrower leaves and having smaller less conspicuous seed clusters. Otherwise conditions are the same.
Baccharis salisina (Broom baccharis)
This broom variety grows 6-9' x 6-9' with many evergreen stems that leaf out in summer with adequate moisture. Plants are male and female and will grow in a variety of soil and water conditions. Once or twice a month deep watering will give the best shape. Some pruning may be required to keep its shape as branches are brittle. Full sun.
Brickelia californica (Bricklebush)
Deciduous bush one to three feet tall usually growing in dry stream beds or rock hillsides. Yellow clusters of flowers midsummer to frost, triangular green leaves. Quail like seeds. Full sun, well drained soil, drought tolerant.
Buddleia davidii (Butterfly bush)
Fast growing (to 6 feet) deciduous shrub with green felty leaves and purple cluster flowers that bloom in midsummer. Cut back after flowering to maintain shape. Well drained soil, regular water, full to part sun. Well drained soil, regular water, full to part sun. We also carry dwarf variety (to 3 feet). Attracts butterflies.
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