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Bach Zhaa: lol
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
GSK: I'm very pleased to announce two brand new websites to complement AWCom. The first is ComQuest?.
Bach Zhaa: wats dat?
GSK: ComQuest? was born out of an idea that Bach Zhaa and I shared to create a database of citizens, past, present, and future. ComQuest? will continue to grow over time.
Bach Zhaa: :)
Gentle Heart: :D
Bach Zhaa: we AW profiles..
* Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
GSK: I'd like to invite all of you to submit citizens you know (or even yourselves) to the database. You can check out ComQuest? at
GSK: We can store any amount of information, like build locations, worlds, aliases, citizen numbers, and pictures. In the future, ComQuest? will integrate more closely with AWCom, and I can't wait to share more details about that.
Joran: Laten we anders even een demonstratie van Park doen, ben?
Bach Zhaa: log into aw and be able to look in a phone book for ppl
Joran: je wet wel
Joran: Park van in Awe
Joran: die mooie wereld
Joran: betere game wereld
Joran: xD
BenV?: Phahaha xD
GSK: Next, the legendary AWNews returns as a service of AWCom.
MaXPoly?: sounds like the GSk yellow pages
MaXPoly?: the big book
GSK: Linking together various new sources such as the Yellow Gazette, SW City Forums, and the official AW forums, AWNews will bring together all the news you can handle about ActiveWorlds into a single location.
Joran: nou beter en origineler
GSK: Anyone can submit stories and articles to AWNews, and everything published is instantly shared to Facebook and Twitter, allowing even more people to become familiar with the place we call home.
GSK: AWNews is available starting today at
Bach Zhaa: wasnt AWNews, maki's site?
MaXPoly?: why me
GSK: Yea.
GSK: Fortunately maki has given his blessing to this new incarnation :)
Smaug: is there a spot for aliases or past cits same person?
MaXPoly?: kewl
TenYearsGone?: because you live in the desert, and have a very tall CAV, MaX?
GSK: Yes, Smaug
Smaug: cool
Joran: when does the game start? ;o
MaXPoly?: lol
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
GSK: Everything you want to submit goes into the description field, and we'll parse it and add it in formatted the right way ^_^
GSK: AWCom + AWNews + ComQuest? all launch today in an open beta. But the best is yet to come: In the coming months, AWCom will be rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of AWNews and ComQuest? in exciting new ways.
Smaug: cant remember the cit #'s but can remember the names
Joran: oke negeer-modus is ook aan
GSK: Since it was launched in February 2014, AWCom has received over 700 new and returning visitors, and almost 12,000 page views, and the average time people spend on AWCom is just under ten minutes, and 40% of all visitors have never seen AWCom before.
GSK: We are seeing exponential growth and usage with AWCom, and we expect to see even more people use the services that AWCom provides, especially when we add AWNews and ComQuest? to the mix.
Bach Zhaa: In conjuction with the comquest phonebook idea, I have discussed the posibility of taking the community's pictures one by one and uploading these to start everyone with a profile
* Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
MaXPoly?: dont belave ur google stats lol
GSK: I'd like to thank each and every one of you for using AWCom, and I'd like to extend additional thanks to everyone who has voted for AWCom in the 2014 Community Awards.
 [Hermes]: * BenV? has left the extended chat network.
GSK: That's all I have for today regarding AWCom, so thank you.
Gremot: .... (put your self on ignore Jordon, we'll let you know when it ok to chat :P )
MaXPoly?: big tks for all your efforts GSK
GSK: ^_^
Bach Zhaa: Thanks GSK looks great and good luck
MaXPoly?: the game show kid has spoken, weall know whats ahead and the fun instore
LanMega007?: *audience claps for GSK*
Bach Zhaa: :D
GSK: I'll hand the mic back over to Bach.
Bach Zhaa: As you see around you, there will be a game show played later on.. always busy, him ;D
GSK: I need a vacation xD
Bach Zhaa: thanks :)
Bach Zhaa: lol
Bach Zhaa: everyone see that OzySEO? is opening a new paitball world :O
MaXPoly?: its not over til the fat guys sing fat bottom gurls
Bach Zhaa: paintball
* Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: called paintball lol makes it easy
MaXPoly?: lol
Bach Zhaa: Ive encouraged him to roll out some events for a grand opening, but I hear he is taking beta testers at this point for whomevers interested
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
MaXPoly?: its fun come try, help develop
Bach Zhaa: stop in and help him test
MaXPoly?: if we want kewl things in aw we usualy get by need and desires, it happens here
Bach Zhaa: Lensman has also been a busy beaver lately with the updating in his AWSource world
* Kimarough101? has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: It has an active Hurricane info center.. showing live updates over world weathe
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
* Catwoman has left the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: Stop in and take a look.. some amazing satelite imagery
MaXPoly?: smaug always tells me when the sh it about to hit my fan, hits his first usualy
Smaug: lol
Minnie Mouse: haha
Smaug: dragon forcast
Gentle Heart: lol
MaXPoly?: lol
Bach Zhaa: it rools downhill so stop rolling it to the top already lol
 [Hermes]: * Byte has joined the extended chat network.
* James. has left the extended chat network.
 Byte: ^jump RR
 [Hermes]: * Rflip790? has joined the extended chat network.
* Bukka has left the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: New issues of the popular AW publications have been released..
Bach Zhaa: Smaug recently posted his new AW World Magazine..
 Rflip790?: ^jump RR
Bach Zhaa: also the Yellow Gazette has a new issue
Bach Zhaa: (not sure thats made it into the newsletter link yet)
Bach Zhaa: not yet
 [Hermes]: * NG2CNetwork has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: any questions on anything so far?
* NG2CNetwork has left the extended chat network.
Gremot: yeah, when does the food truck get here
TenYearsGone?: he will blow the horn when he gets here
Gremot: k
Bach Zhaa: lol yeah.. GSK whens the truck coming? you called them didnt you??
GSK: mm well there's a few problems with that
GSK: A) I did forget to call them.
 [Hermes]: * NG2CNetwork has joined the extended chat network.
GSK: 2) We're floating in the air so I'm not sure how they'd get here anyway
Bach Zhaa: oh man..
GSK: D) There is no D.
Bach Zhaa: lol
NG2CNetwork: ^JUMPRR
* MaXPoly? has left the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: there goes your tip >_>
 [Hermes]: * LanMega007? has left the extended chat network.
Gremot: use Amazon, they got those drones now
* MaXPoly? has joined the extended chat network.
Dovestar: O.o
NG2CNetwork: ^JUMP RR
GSK: you don't need to use the command, NG2C. You're already here :P
Dovestar: _._
Bach Zhaa: also for those that havent seen it yet and you build in alpha world.. Byte has created and since updated a new RWX viewer that allows you to search the alpha object path..
Rflip790?: i'm a friend of thor's he invited me & ng2c
GSK: Thor will be around in about 45 minutes
 [Hermes]: * Tomas has left the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa:
Gremot: only need if ur ya are bobbing for sharks & can't fly outa the ocean
Bach Zhaa: cool stuff
* Bukka has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: Im still hoping for all the worlds on here lol
Bach Zhaa: would love if like Teen and yellow and winter were on there.. the public worlds expecially would help with the newcomers
panne: why doesn't the website of Byte work on all computers ?
Byte: Once I'm happy with the way it works, I plan to expand it to other worlds. :)
Byte: Also the RWX viewer requires a technology called WebGL. It's only found in modern browsers.
MaXPoly?: can you makes us a page package after too Byte so personial world owners can build a system on its base too
Byte: Which is to say IE11, and any of the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome
Bach Zhaa: here is a site to look at the comments, issues and change notes..
panne: what program do i need to install to view the rwx objects ?
Byte: MaXPoly?, I do want to make a stand alone version that you can download. :)
 [Hermes]: * AsoraXX? has joined the extended chat network.
* Minnie Mouse has left the extended chat network.
Byte: Panee: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, or Firefox
MaXPoly?: what browser are you using panne
 [Hermes]: * Chocolateberry has joined the extended chat network.
Byte: *Panne
AsoraXX?: /help
AsoraXX?: welp
MaXPoly?: k tks byte,
Byte: Anyway I'm on a small hiatus from developing it for right now, but I've got more plans for it. :)
Gremot: webGl runs on IE8 ... just need more than a basic video card
Bach Zhaa: very cool and welcome Byte and thanks for this :)
Byte: WebGL is not supported in less than IE11, without special plugins, which I do not recommend. :)
Gremot: someone forgot to tell MS that, LOL
Byte: You're probably not running IE8 (or have a plugin for it) if you're getting WebGL. :)
Bach Zhaa: (you know I so desparately want to ask if there is any progress on the mapper.. but I know thats a huge unconfortable issue so not sure.. but does anyways...)
AsoraXX?: h:help
Gremot: i'll check later
MaXPoly?: lol
Byte: No progress on the mapper, unfortunately, but a lot of the stuff running the RWX viewer is tech developed for the mapper. I do hope to finish it one day. :)
Bach Zhaa: cool :) good luck and good fortune to you.. ;)
MaXPoly?: kewl, were all having ton of fun coding for new html5
Byte: The viewer has been invaluable in helping me test the tech behind the mapper, so that I can fix all the bugs with it. :)
AsoraXX?: h:users
Bach Zhaa: cool..
Bach Zhaa: yay
Byte: Anyway, I've gotta run. :)
* Byte has left the extended chat network.
Enkar: Nice!
Bach Zhaa: Im still looking for CosmicTruths? pictures
 [Hermes]: * AsoraXX? has left the extended chat network.
* Toxor has left the extended chat network.
Gremot: to see if you brwser can do webGL try this
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
Genevieve: Bach will we ever get back the property search feature, that Mauz had on her page?
* Thorklein has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: (he used a bot to paint pixel pictures that can only be appreciated from the mapper.. no ones found these builds tho)
Enkar: Byte: One of the AW originals
Bach Zhaa: it was ima's page, not mauz and not sure
Genevieve: So she was linked to it then
Bach Zhaa: Ima genius is still around but isnt into aw any longer.. so not sure whats gonna happen there
Genevieve: We have a lot who return and want to find old builds...
 [Hermes]: * Minnie Mouse has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: I suppose.. I never saw an object search from her site tho
* Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: she had the history stuff more
Bach Zhaa: and her site is backed up and intact as far as I know
MaXPoly?: can we get bots in alpha still
Bach Zhaa: AW left a lot of the community features to the community.. sux when the cast changes
Bach Zhaa: we cant get bots in alpha?
Smaug: GK bot works there
MaXPoly?: if we can and some 1 has the pc power to can do a full world property scan with yasbb
Bach Zhaa: I think they are still allowed
Gremot: ...... ( o i c ... turns out i was using berkelium - mar2013 version to view webGL)
MaXPoly?: i think i can make a database search for it by cit num then
GSK: YasBB? previously caused AWTeen to crash a few times, so to run it on Alpha will probably be impossible
MaXPoly?: ya i know
MaXPoly?: even with world admin tool its a chunk to scan
MaXPoly?: ok
Enkar: lol
Bach Zhaa: Tomas has done that in the past.. but that needs someone thats committed to providing that or making it publicly available
MaXPoly?: so how do we get a new property way to read
 [Hermes]: * Keshi has joined the extended chat network.
* Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
 Keshi: jump rr
 [Hermes]: * Bukka has left the extended chat network.
* Thorklein has left the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: anyways.. I hope something comes up for that..
MaXPoly?: i guess thats a u figure it out max
 Keshi: ^jump RR
Bach Zhaa: would be nice to have the search feature.. and the mapper... and...
Enkar: Hard to imagine if you can even make a plain text .prp file from a world as large as Alpha.
MaXPoly?: i guessa a survey team have to do it in sections
Bach Zhaa: anything would be helpful tho
MaXPoly?: thats how i do winter and its prity big file is by sections
Bach Zhaa: umm parties coming up.. Cy Awards world all week.. Thats the biggy
Enkar: I see...interesting
MaXPoly?: lol
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: awards show is this weekend.. Saturday July 12th at 10pm VRT
MaXPoly?: partys club events, awards presentations and live concert after, keshi has her next explorers meeting planed too
Bach Zhaa: Sunday is a live concert :D
Keshi: Explorers Club July 19th 4pm VRT
Bach Zhaa: Yep, I believe the Explorer Club meets this Saturday as well?
MaXPoly?: im sure all here got my spam,362265 if i missed you for all the event details
Bach Zhaa: ahh the following
* Wolvie has left the extended chat network.
MaXPoly?: next 19th i think
Keshi: no not untli the 19th CY has its own famr
Bach Zhaa: Keshi: Explorers Club July 19th 4pm VRT
Keshi: frame*
Smaug points to calendars all over AW
MaXPoly?: dont know were we are going, bring boots and gloves incase
Bach Zhaa: Thank you :D where we going?? *he asks jokingly hehe
 [Hermes]: * Stayjit has joined the extended chat network.
Gremot: (live as in the band members are signing on as avatars?)
MaXPoly?: live cy show sunday
MaXPoly?: yes live ppl live stream from the studio
MaXPoly?: playing avas
Enkar: Oh kool!
Gremot: ahh ok, just as good :)
MaXPoly?: even my marshall jmc45 on stage for the band
Bach Zhaa: whats the link to the calender again Smaug?
MaXPoly?: expect a good 6 to 7 hr concert from artist3d and aztech rising
* James. has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: wont let me steal it off your magazine lol
 [Hermes]: * Wolvie has joined the extended chat network.
Keshi: new tunes too
MaXPoly?: yep just released there 2nd cd
Smaug: direct link is
Bach Zhaa: direct link is Thanks :D
Bach Zhaa: use these links in world folks.. its an auto updating calender of AW events
panne: smaug, i saw that you have copied the awschool website into your website....where is the rest of the content of your website (with the aw world magazines)
* Henry Le has joined the extended chat network.
Smaug: feel free to add them to your worlds or CT's of public worlds to your LZ
Stayjit: I was not nominated again. Last CYAwards I showed up wasted with Linsey Lohan and barfed in the limo. People have long memories
Smaug: gram me if ya need the info
Bach Zhaa: lol
Bach Zhaa: she invite you again Stayjit or no?
TenYearsGone?: I told you that tequilia was harsh, Stayjit.
Chocolateberry: hmm Linsey Lohan your sister?
Stayjit: I'll write a book someday
Gremot: you're supposed to nominate your self
Bach Zhaa: yeah all you's guys's should have nominated yourselves
TenYearsGone?: huh? nominate ourselves for a CY?
 [Hermes]: * Alphaworldian has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: yep
Gremot: um huh ....
TenYearsGone?: d'oh !
* Henry Le has left the extended chat network.
Gremot: lol
Alphaworldian: toot
 [Hermes]: * Thorklein has joined the extended chat network.
Bach Zhaa: doesnt mean you'll get the votes.. but at least you'd get in the running
Stayjit: Nominated peeps get free hotels, right?
 Thorklein: ^jump RR
TenYearsGone?: This is AW, you can have all the free hotels you can build
Bach Zhaa: a free crash soda with every nomination minus the soda lol
* panne has left the extended chat network.
MaXPoly?: tour limo ride to the awards gsk is the driver
Gremot: yeah but you havta put those hotels on Virgina Ave. plot
GSK: I don't have a license :|
GSK: so that might be an issue
MaXPoly?: best that way
Bach Zhaa: perfect then :D
GSK: o_o
MaXPoly?: the riders dont have id eather
TenYearsGone?: That is ok, GSK, the limo runs on gas, not licence
GSK: oh ha ha
Bach Zhaa: vroom
GSK: ba-dum-tsh
Bach Zhaa: tell that to the cop when he pulls you over lol
TenYearsGone?: They said I couldn't drive my car without a licence, but I put gas in it, and it ran just fine
Enkar: ...just as long as GSK has good weed
Gremot: get a deisel run it on left over dunkin donuts oil
GSK: I don't, but I know where to get it :P
Bach Zhaa: may I see your license? "aint it on the bumper??" lol
 [Hermes]: * Henry Le has joined the extended chat network.
Chocolateberry: lol
* Mike Flinders has joined the extended chat network.
NurseMom?: ;)
GSK: afk for a few minutes
Dovestar pours yet another cup of coffee
Gremot: besides, if you don't have a license, you havn't promised to stop for police
Minnie Mouse passes cup to Dovestar
Bach Zhaa: Regular events are still happening . TGIF fridays in AWReunion have still been a hit.. Thanks to Mel for keeping that fresh
NurseMom? shares pretzel nuggets filled with peanut butter for those not allergic to peanuts
Smaug: I got a Commercial Dragons License that count
Bach Zhaa: SW City Tuesdays is still getting a few ppl.. Talk to TenYearsGone? to get you started
TenYearsGone?: last time a cop pulled me over he got an emergency call and had to leave... I chased him for 6 blocks before I caught him, and said "may I please see my licence, insurance, and registration?"
MaXPoly?: i think it be game night this friday in cy for all again too
Gremot: close enuf
 [Hermes]: * Mike Flinders has left the extended chat network.
TenYearsGone?: A few words aboth that, if I may, Bach?
Bach Zhaa: please
TenYearsGone?: The newest addition to SW City Interactive is a fossil digsite located at .
Alphaworldian eats the pretzel nugget
TenYearsGone?: At this site there is a combination of SWI digging nodes, and Happy Valley Adventure Game pick up movers.
Alphaworldian starts wheezing
Alphaworldian: OH NO someone get an epi-pen
TenYearsGone?: These movers include mining helmets, an explosives kit, a gun, and some... mysterious artifacts which can also be carried with you.
TenYearsGone?: The environment reacts differently depending on which mover you have, and since you can only carry one, a group of three or more is required to make progress within the game environment.
TenYearsGone?: Those already familiar with the Happy Valley Adventure Game, and more specifically how to use the gun, will be pleased to know that this site features moving targets.

} TenYearsGone?: Last note is that I have added several helpful subminion characters to give background stories and hints, along with books that you can read for more hints. Back to Bach.
Bach Zhaa: Thanks a million Ten Im glad to see it branching off. lovin all the new content :D w00t!
MaXPoly?: thanky tyg
Dovestar: :)
TenYearsGone?: the helpful characters were added today ;)
* Genevieve has left the extended chat network.
NurseMom?: awesome work TYG ;)
MaXPoly?: as much new we make daily, we find a lot of ways to play with the old toys still
Kimarough101?: 15 Mins to go
Bach Zhaa: we had some updates recently.. :O it broke some things but then they came right back and fixed it :D Thanks to AWI, Rick and Chris for keeping things running :)
Bach Zhaa: everyone seeing there web stuff again?
MaXPoly?: think rick was telling chris take the dame day off last night
Bach Zhaa: lol
NurseMom?: lol
Enkar: Now we just need to get the media command's "pause" argument restored.

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